I’m Such A Jerk / Sewn To The Sky

41hzhj9fqkl_aa240_.jpgI was staying up late at a friend’s house one night in high school and listening to music on some big headphones.  It was one of those cold Summer nights in Denver where you find yourself shivering in the wrong clothes. My friend had long since fallen asleep and I was sitting on the floor, turning the volume up more with each song. I must have seen something outside on the street, because I stood up really fast to look outside. When I did, the jack came out of the stereo and for five or six fumbling seconds everyone in my friend’s house got to hear Morphine’s “I’m Free Now”.  It was probably just a squirrel.

Morphine – I’m Free Now

41caf1x7mdl_aa240_.jpgLong after the fact, I think about that as the quintessential late night experience–the cold, the vague feeling of getting away with something just for being up when no one else is–with really the perfect song as the soundtrack. If were to be anachronistic in telling the tale though, I might say the song was Smog’s “Teenage Spaceship.” Floating around the neighborhood without ever having to leave the floor. But that’s a bit like listening to “In The Year 2525” in the year 2525 or actually trying to stomach Rye just because Don MacLean talks about it.  What made that night great was that it happened when it did, and that Cure For Pain was the greatest thing I’d ever heard.

Smog – Teenage Spaceship

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